Monday, October 03, 2005

Day 986 of my captivity...but it's all good.

OK, I'm not sure it's been quite THAT many days since I started law school, but I swear it feels like it. I guess it's a pretty common problem to feel a bit of the 3L doldrums -- it's such a drag to be looking for job and worrying about that and still having to go to class and work and stuff. Blech.

On the up-side, look at all the good things that have happened to me:

- Guacamole Kid bought a new car and is letting me use his old one for a while 'till he sells it.

- Grandpa Spatula is out of the hospital after falling down last week and breaking a couple of bones in his pelvis...and he's FINALLY committed to selling his house and moving permanently into an assisted living facility...AND he's giving up his car (trust me, thank GOD he's finally gonna stop driving).

- A guy on the bus last week told me I was beautiful, and today a teenage girl saw me putting on lipgloss on my way to work and leaned over and told me "You're too beautiful to wear makeup -- you're naturally beautiful!!"

- My job is good and even though I'm writing the memo from hell and I still don't have a computer at my desk, I'm making some progress and I think I might eventually finish it...someday...soon, I swear.

- I had happy hour with some friends tonight and got to talk to new people about new things.

- I'm working out diligently and feeling pretty good and healthy and strong, most of the time (as opposed to none of the time, which is how I felt before).

- I got some fantastic new lipgloss that is just the right amount of glossy and not's so goooooooooooood.

- Guac. Kid is going to start playing hockey again soon and that means...MORE BOYS ON SKATES!

- I'm within a couple of hours of finishing my very first crocheted afghan -- an undertaking of epic proportions if ever there was one.

- My parents are going to pay for a significant portion of a new laptop for me, AND I'm going to buy it when I go home to visit them for Christmas because their state has no sales tax.

- Jimmy Buffett is this month!! Of course, I have yet to buy a ticket because I've been trying to get everyone who's going on the same page schedule-wise, but I'm almost there I think.

So, you can see, although I don't have a job, or even a prospect of one, and I definitely am not in the swing of things school-wise yet, mostly life is going OK and aside from my naturally and melodramatically high level of angst and apathy, I am feeling pretty good.
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