Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sticker shock

I just spent $185 getting a haircut/color/highlights. Damn. Every time I spend that kind of money I feel like I just need to have a couple of drinks and try to forget that I don't actually have a job or any way of replacing that money once it's spent on...of all hair. But, I will say this, I think it's a pretty kick-ass haircut and the color is gorgeous, red and rich and warm. Love it. So, at least I'll feel confident for my interview next week and you can't put a pricetag on that, right??

Anyway, I turned in my legal research memo this morning and I am so paranoid that I did it wrong, or that I made a bunch of mistakes, or didn't use the right format or something. Legal memo's are my "oh my God, did I leave the iron on" thing...I just worry, worry, worry. I also didn't get a chance to eat all day because I was at the salon for four and a half hours, so I'm gonna go find an apple, put in some laundry, and try to catch up on the hellhole that is my apartment. Me and my new awesome haircut are gonna get down with the vacuum and the toilet brush and try to pretty the place up, if that's even possible.
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