Friday, October 28, 2005

Now that's just wrong.

OK, this one is a question. I know I *said* I wasn't going to write about this interview before I got rejected informed about my status, but I have this one burning question I need answered (and I've talked to many other people who have had this same experience).

How do others in the field who have gone through interviews view the following question (paraphrased to make it nice and generic):

"Where else have you applied? Who have you heard back from? Why aren't you being offered a job at the place you work now? Are you going to be offered a job at the place you work now? What other interviews have you been on/will you be going on?"

I'm not gonna lie....I HATE HATE HATE these types of questions. I think they are rude and intrusive and put the student/interviewee in a really bad position. I mean, hello, I'm a 3L....OF COURSE I'm looking/applying/interviewing at other places. DUH! I don't think it's anyone's business where else I'm applying, where else I've interviewed, or whether or not I might take a job somewhere else if it's offered. The focus of an interview should be on the job, on my abilities and on how I could/would/might fit into the organization and whether I'd be the best candidate for what the organization needs.

Anyway, I guess that's my rant on that subject. If anyone knows anything about these types of questions or has experiences/comments/insights they'd like the share -- I'd love to hear it.
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