Sunday, October 02, 2005


OK, who's seen this show on A&E, Family Forensics??


Basically, one person in the family (in the one I'm watching it's the stepfather) calls the show and asks to be on it. Then the family THINKS they're getting a vacation at a resort, but as they're walking out the door they find out that while, yes, they are getting the vacation, someone in their family called this show and while they're gone their entire lives will be gone through in minute detail to figure out a "family profile."

There is a detective, a criminalist and a psychologist that come in and go through the house like a crime scene. They read diaries, collect evidence, review financial statements, etc.... It's INSANE. I mean, they go through everything with the supposed purpose of helping the family to be totally honest with each other and improve their relationship.

If my husband or father called that show and got my family involved I would NEVER forgive him, and I mean it. Not because I have so much to hide, but because I think everyone is entitled to some privacy and it is such a huge breach of trust to have one member of your family sell out your entire private lives for a TV show.

Wow. I can't believe this's so crazy.
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