Thursday, November 24, 2005

Turkey Day...and incomplete list of things I'm thankful for.

Today I'm thankful for my friends and family and all of that stuff that I know I should be thankful for every day, but sometimes don't spend enough time actually thinking about and acknowledging.

Further, I am thankful that on the 12 mile bike ride I took with my dad in the mountains today I didn't get hit by a logging truck, that I got my mountain bike up to 26.5 mph on a nice downhill, and that my dad, the king of all that is bike riding, told me I did a good job and that he was impressed at how far I've come, fitness-wise, in the past few months. I am also thankful that, later on, when I went with him to walk Molly the Satanic Dog up on some mountain trails, that I didn't have a heart attack and die when we spent about a mile walking straight uphill...after a morning of bike riding. I am especially thankful that my mom made fresh cookies AND pumpkin pie, and I feel like I earned a free pass to eat as much of it as I want due to my very active morning.

Really, I would also like to add a big "I'm thankful" to my grandpa for my brand new (to me) car...I drove it today for the first time and it's awesome. Awesome and free. Hell yeah.

Other things I'm thankful for (in no particular order :) ):

M. (duh!)
Super Big Gulp Diet Cokes from 7-11.
Jimmy Buffett
A good haircut
My favorite pair of jeans that finally fit again
Cover Girl Wetslicks Lipgloss
A new winter coat, bought by Mama Spatula
All my law school pals (you know who you are)
Mama and Daddy Spatula and Molly the Satanic Dog
My new laptop that I'm buying tomorrow (see Mama and Daddy Spatula above)
Hot cookies right out of the oven
This blog and its readers who are so nice and kind and always cheer me up and send me funny emails.
The fact that despite all evidence to the contrary, I can actually feel hopeful about finding a job less than 24 hours after being totally and utterly rejected (I'm either more optimistic than I'll admit to, or more stupid than I am willing to acknowledge).
Anything or anyone else that has recently added happiness to my life which I have failed to mention above.

Alright, when's Christmas?? And, frankly, it's never too early to start planning for my birthday, people...January 11th!! I am planning on staying 30 for another year though...I can't handle being OVER 30. Ick!!
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