Saturday, November 12, 2005

This is not a direct quote

I'm sad I didn't write it down, but I didn't feel like getting up for a pen, but I think Joel McHale on E!'s "The Soup" gets my vote for Quote of the Week.

While discussing Tyra Banks wearing a fat suit to try to discover how overweight women are treated by society, he said something to the effect of:

"Tyra Banks gets the hardhitting journalist award for experiencing firsthand just how horrible life can be for the temporarily obese."

HAHAHAHAHA. I wish I had written down what he said word for word, because it was really funny. If it comes on again this weekend I'll try to catch it. Seriously though...there is absolutely no way that she can experience in one day what an overweight woman experiences in a LIFETIME of rejection, rudeness, namecalling, and maltreatment. Also, as someone who has struggled with my weight and how I feel about it, I sincerely wish I had the option (especially when I was heavier than I am now) to just go home, rip off my fat suit, dust off my supermodel body and drive my Bentley off to whereever the hell supermodels go when they're not doing whatever it is that they do.
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