Wednesday, November 23, 2005

One more thing.

You know what I hate? When someone interviews you and spends the whole time telling you how fabulous and wonderful you are and how well you'd fit into their organization and makes a really big deal about how you should make sure to be by your phone first thing the next morning because you'd definitely be getting a call, and then two days later they finally call you and tell you that, although you are very talented and blah blah blah, so is everyone else and unfortunately they can't give you the job. And also they say that it "wasn't their decision." That hurts. At least own up to the fact that you had to make a tough decision and it didn't come out the way I would have liked, but it's what's best for the person who ultimately matters, the employer.

I'm disappointed. I'm kind of hoping that if the D.C. job is going to reject me they'll do it very soon so I can get through this entire wave of rejection all at once before I have to start back from square one looking for a job after the holidays.

There's something to be said for spending $90K on an education that, so far, is proving virtually useless in terms of getting me a job. Not to mention the three years of my life that have swirled down the drain right in front of my eyes and the sucking of my soul directly from the hollow shell that used to be a real, well-rounded, non-depressed, non-insane, non-paranoid, non-rejected, person.

On that happy note, I plan to be back to my old self in time to enjoy the holiday tomorrow, and I hope that you all enjoy it too. My mom has decided against turkey, and we'll be enjoying lasagna in the Spatula household.

Also, leave a comment and tell M. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Cuz she's the bestest best friend forever a girl could ever have and without her I would probably ACTUALLY shrivel up and die, and not just feel like I'm going to sometimes.
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