Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I made it home alive.

I drove to Interview City today...it was snowing like CRAZY there, but only right around the city, so the drive wasn't too awful. And the snow was really beautiful and shiny and sparkly, which we all know I love. The interview was OK...who can ever know about these things?

I am going to spend the evening listening to my Christmas music (with a break for NCIS...since Gilmore Girls isn't on tonight because WB is showing some stupid movie) and working on my memo. I managed to con my boss into letting me have tomorrow off since he's out of town (with the promise of a makeup day later), so that eases my mind a bit concerning the memo. I can sit in the library ALL DAY tomorrow like a good little crazy nutso law student and work myself to death while incubating the world's largest and most totally unnecessary ulcer. Just the way it's supposed to be! Doesn't it feel nice when everything works out?
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