Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Are you boys cooking up there? No! Are you building an interociter? NO!!

Today I sent off a short story to a contest. It felt really good to focus on my writing, come up with an idea, force myself to edit and try to be concise but colorful, and then send it off to the judges with my REAL name on it. I was just telling someone via email that, as often as I've been glad that this blog is anonymous and some of the things I write aren't attributable to the "real" me, much more often I am proud of something I write for whatever reason (it's funny, or touching, or I just like the way it sounds), and I'm sad that I can't claim my work. I'm not sure if I'll ever start a blog under my real name that I'll share with my friends and family (the ones who I would be uncomfortable telling about WWFFD)...this one is pretty much an open secret at school, everyone seems to know about it and I talk about it pretty openly with people unless I really sense that I can't trust them.

Anyway, life is moving along out here in the TVPNM. It's rainy and gets pitch-black dark by 5pm. It's cold. Exams are in just about three weeks...which is only a problem if you haven't opened your book even one time all quarter, and who would be stupid enough to do that? Not me, that's for sure. Sigh.

I haven't heard anything about any jobs, although I continue to turn out cover letters like the fate of the free world hangs in the balance. Between the job search and my lack of a love life, I think my first novel is going to be titled: Rejection: A Chronicle Of My Experience Being The Most Unloved Person On The Whole Entire Planet And The Whole Universe And Maybe Even The Galaxy Or Vice-Versa If A Universe Is Actually Bigger Than A Galaxy Which I Would Probably Know If Someone Loved Me Enough To Either Sleep With Me Or Give Me A Job, Or Both. The title is kind of long, but I'm sure I can win over the editors. The editors of my imaginary book. And no, I'm not sure how feeling less rejected would help me to understand astronomy. It just would.

Aside from all of these truly fascinating tidbits about my day to day existence which I know you all axiously await like...well...I don't know...I'm too tired to come up with something clever (I used it all up on the previous paragraph..and isn't that a sad fact, when that crappy paragraph was seriously the pinnacle of my creative achievement for tonight), not much else is going on.

Tomorrow I'm going with a friend of mine to a barbeque being thrown by two hockey teams. Thank God I'm immune to the charms of cute boys on ice. Quit laughing, I am! OK, we all know I'm lying, but if anything good happens at least I'll have something to write about that will be better than the crap I subjected to you tonight in the last several paragraphs.
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