Thursday, November 10, 2005

He was a thief and he was a disturbed man. If we learn anything from him, it's do not steal and don't be disturbed.

Have you ever just found it nearly impossible to find your memo zen?

I feel like I work in this very interesting and exciting field of law, and when I try to reduce it to legal memo format, it instantly sucks any of the interest or excitement right out of the entire subject. Legal memos are like the world's largest killers of all that is happy and good.

This is a little ditty I'm working on called "The Legal Intern Can"'s going to be set to the music from one of the most insidious and awful children's songs ever, "The Candy Man Can." Anywhere it doesn't make sense I'm going to claim is slant rhyme. I don't acutally know what slant rhyme is, but I think it's for when your song parody sucks hardcore ass but you don't want it to be your fault.

The Legal Intern Can

Who can take a subject,
That's int'resting and new?
Put it in a memorandum, make it boring through and through…
The legal intern can, the legal intern can,
The legal intern can 'cause she writes but doesn't understand
and makes the whole thing suck…
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