Monday, November 28, 2005

Somebody's got a case of The Mondays!

I have a huge legal research assignment due on Thursday afternoon and instead of working on it I'm sitting on the couch just sort of being overwhelmed, which has lately become a full-time job. I thought I would work on it all day tomorrow, and then late last night I remembered that I have to drive to a city about two hours away tomorrow for an interview. And it's supposed to snow tonight. And the city is north of here (as in, nearly in in, where if it snows tonight it's going to SUCK to drive there). I really don't feel motivated to do anything except worry about stuff. I'm worried about my Crim Pro final and all the reading I haven't done, worried about finishing my memo by Thursday because I *need* a good grade on it, worried about finishing my "real" work in the next couple of weeks since my job ends at the end of next week, worried about finding a job, worried about a whole host of other things that I'm not even going to go into on the blog.

I'm such a downer. Sorry.
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