Monday, November 14, 2005

More Tales From The Temporarily Un-beautiful

Vanessa Minnillo, who is apparently a correspondent on Entertainment Tonight, is, GASP, putting on a fat-suit and braving the streets of New York as a fake 350lb woman. Here's what she has to say about her experience:

"As someone in the public eye, I've dealt with my fair share of people staring at me," concludes Vanessa. "But for the first time in my life, I found out what it's like to have people turn away and avoid eye contact -- in fact, do everything in their power to steer clear. It was shocking. It was hurtful."

It was SHOCKING! I just bet it was. Maybe she and Tyra ought to get together and have a conference on how awful it is to be fat for an ENTIRE DAY!

What sucks is that these beautiful women dress up like overweight women for one day and then they take off the fat suit and they have a good cry about how awful it must be for those poor, poor overweight (read: ugly and undesirable) women. Here's some news. Overweight women have lives. They go to work. They have sex (it's true!). They have children and husbands and victories and triumphs. Every day isn't the worst day of their lives. Do they have traumatic moments? Obviously YES! I feel qualified to talk about this because although I've never been 350 pounds, I've been pretty significantly overweight. You know what IS appalling? Some reporter CRYING because she saw herself in the mirror in a fat suit before she even left the room and then saying "Do I look like you? I'm fighting for fat women everywhere!" (She just said that on the program). WHAT? How is walking around for one day taping people being mean to fat women (BIG EFFING SURPRISE) helping ANYONE except herself and her own career???

UPDATE: Also, while I'm on the subject, how in THE. HELL. is her getting stared at because she's beautiful and "in the public eye" even REMOTELY like an overweight woman being stared at by people who think she's disgusting and lazy and unworthy of human kindness and respect? Apples and oranges Vanessa, apples and oranges.
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