Sunday, November 06, 2005

Like a slip and fall, only with no one to blame but myself.

Last night walking into a restaurant to have dinner with some friends, I fell down in a gigantic mud puddle. It has been raining here for DAYS...I'm about to start building an Ark...that's how much rain we've had. So, in walking down the sidewalk, which was covered in a couple of inches of water, I didn't notice a HUGE EFFING CRATER right in the middle. I stepped in said crater, and that's how I ended up in a restaurant, eating dinner, with wet muddy hair, wet muddy jeans, and blood pouring out of my hand (well, maybe it was trickling, but I think I deserve to embellish because you should have seen all the mud that came out of my hair when I got home and showered...GROSS!!!). When I got up this morning my knee was all swollen and black and blue.

Now, I'm not saying it wasn't funny because it sure as hell was. But until you've been flat on your face in a six-inch deep mud puddle in 40 degree weather in front of a popular nightspot teeming with observers, you just haven't lived. Also, I think the cut on my hand is going to get's all red and icky today...God only knows what was in that water...if you don't hear from me for a few days I probably succumbed to the Bubonic Plague or Rocky Mountain Spotted Owl Fever or something.

So, I am settling in for a day of reading, watching my new Netflix movies, eating snacks, and applying ice packs and Neosporin to my various wounds.

The memo I have due to my boss tomorrow is just going to have to wait. Priorities people, priorities.
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