Thursday, August 10, 2006

Random Observations From My New Life As A Full-Time Adult

1. There is nothing, NOTHING, funnier than a man trying to decide what kind of tampons to buy. Nothing.

2. There is nothing, NOTHING, more terrifying than a client who you have to do work for who only likes one person in the office, and has worked with that person for years, and you are NOT that person. Gulp.

3. My boss signed me up for a golf tournament sponsored by a local law firm who works with us sometimes. This would be awesome if I knew how to golf. Apparently Tiger Woods Golf on the X-box doesn't count as "practice" or "expertise." Who knew?

4. People are idiots and will apparently continue their quest to battle my Mercury Sable when they themselves are driving Yugo's, Ford Focus's, and Chevy Aveo's. Seriously, take your disposable car and get out of my way. God.

5. The one thing creepier than Marie Osmond is dolls designed by Marie Osmond. Or any dolls at all. I hate dolls. I bet you didn't know that about me.

6. I love my job but I'm worried I won't be good at it. I feel stupid all the time, but I guess that's normal. I hate feeling stupid. I think I'm doing a good job so far. They keep letting me come back, so I guess that's a good sign.

7. Frozen lasagna takes WAY too long to cook. I'm hungry now, not in 75 minutes damnit!

8. I love lemon bars. I will make some lemon bars because, guess what? I have NO HOMEWORK tonight, nowhere I have to be, and no one to answer to. Life is good folks.

9. I miss M. She's been away for a little while now for work and I want her to come home soon.

10. Every time, EVERY DAMN TIME, that I stop by the Fred Meyer's near my house, this guy I went on a couple of dates with a long time ago is there. Seriously. Three times in a row now. Does he live there? He needs to take his VW Bus and go do some camping for awhile so I can shop in peace.
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