Tuesday, August 29, 2006


OK, I am finding it very difficult to do much except work. How do you people, especially those with long hours/billables, fit in the gym? Do you get up at 5am? Do you go at night, no matter how late you get home? How do you plan meals and stuff without just eating out constantly?

Feel free to write about this on your own blogs and link back, or leave comments, but I really want to know how people keep some balance in their lives when they are working tons and stressed out and still wanting to spend time with friends and stuff.

I would say I'm working approximately 50-60 hours a week right now, and when I get home I'm exhausted, and I am having a really hard time getting up early when I don't get to bed until 11 or 12 because I have so much to do when I get home (which was 9 last night, and 9:30 tonight, after work engagement last night/going away party for a friend tonight).

I'm tired, but I don't particularly want to be out of shape AND tired, and would likely be LESS tired if I could get on a regular gym schedule. Work is INSANE though, and stressful, and just...well...crazy.
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