Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Say "welcome to the family!"

Meet my new pink cell phone!
There is a very LooooooooooooooNG and involved story as to how this came to be, and I am FAR too exhausted after two very long days at work to tell it to you. But, suffice it to say that my old phone had problems and the only way to get a new phone was to get a family plan so I could get the second phone free. I acquiesced and now my parents are getting my old phone (thank GOD, they need to get with it...I stood at the airport for an hour on Sunday waiting for my mom to find out if she got a stand-by flight because she had no way to contact my dad if she found out she was getting on the time to run to the pay phone!), and I got a new pink phone. YAY! My old phone is only a year old, but it shuts off whenever you flip it annoying. Oh, wait, make that a year and a month old, just past the warranty. Of course. Anyway, bottom line is that me and my new phone are going to be very, very happy together. I just know it.
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