Sunday, August 27, 2006

Is it Sunday already?

This weekend has been so busy!!!

First, on Friday I went on a date to see Beerfest. Gotta love a guy who appreciates that I consider this movie to be totally appropriate date fare, plus there are lots of gratuitous boobie shots, so I'm sure he didn't mind. It didn't even hold a candle to Super Troopers - the standard by which I judge all supposedly funny movies, but it was funny in a few parts.

Yesterday I went to this really wonderful outlet mall with my friend. I spent tons of money and got some really cute stuff, which I needed because I'm still trying to lose my bar exam weight and I can't fit into any of my stupid clothes.

Last night we went out to our fave local bar to welcome Ex-Roomie back into town. I have to admit that I had quite a few beers and would randomly just walk up to her and hug her and be like "Thank GOD you're back!" It's good to have the whole group back together again.

Today I am going to see The Devil Wears Prada with my good friend, and then the Ex-Roomie and I are going to our other good friend's house to watch the Emmy's. The Emmy friend is moving next week so this is probably the last chance I'll have to hang out with her for awhile, although I will be traveling to her new city for work in December, so I'm sure we'll get together then.

And, lastly, the date. I am trying to learn my lesson about talking about stuff like that on here, but it went OK. This guy, as I've said before, it basically the nicest guy I have ever been on a date with. So, no matter what happens, it was nice to go out a couple of times this weekend with someone who is very nice, and I realize (perhaps more than anyone else) that it is absolutely sick and twisted to have dating issues related to someone being nice to you and not knowing how to deal with it or turn it into something you can wrap your brain around.
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