Saturday, August 19, 2006

Holy Shit. I made decisions. And decided things. Holy SHIT!

Holy shit people. Today my boss sent me out ALONE to do my first "real work thing." I went out to a vessel, retrieved an injured person, took him for emergency treatment and arranged for him to be flown back to his home (in another state) since he needs surgery (possibly) and extensive treatment.

For people who have Bloglines, you'll notice I've edited this post. I'm just too weirded out about posting about, can't go there. For those of you who didn't see the original, suffice it to say that today was really, really, really intense and I made alot of big decisions on my own...can only hope I did the right thing and made the right decisions, I think I did the best I could and did the best that can be done for this particular client.

I'm writing up a list of questions of stuff that happened today that I didn't know how to handle, so I can talk to my boss on Monday and try to get some feedback and advice. Today was trial by fire, and it was nuts.

I bought a bottle of wine. I'm going to try to quit panicking and relax. I'm two glasses down and I dare say there's more in my future.
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