Thursday, August 24, 2006

Remember when?

Remember when I had a parking spot at my own apartment complex because I pay to live here? Yeah, me too. Apparently now when I come home at 1am I am expected to park 6 blocks away and hoof it here in my high heels and awesome dress and semi-boozy-ness. Assholes. I sweet-talked the security guy into letting me park in the reserved parking though...just for tonight. Apparently they are paving one of the parking lots so everyone is going nuts. Assholes.

Also, remember the guy who was super-duper nice? We had drinks tonight. Maybe without the horrible bar exam hanging over my head I'm a little more able to at least consider the possibilities. I heart possibilities.

I downloaded the new Justin Timberlake song. I am not ashamed. I have billed enough hours this month to get a massive bonus in September already. New shoes or jewelry...what a choice.

Nice talk with one of the boss ladies today...I think it's good to know I'm doing well and they are going to be letting me have even more responsibility and stuff as time goes on. Being validated is good.

Tomorrow (well, later today) I play in my first work-related Schmoozefest Golf Tournament...oh man, it's gonna be ugly. I at least have the drinking and schmoozing part down though.

Off to's after 1 and I promised the security guard I'd be out of the spot he gave me no later than 8, plus I need to work before I have to leave for the golf tournament. Here's to wishing I don't do anything TOO embarrassing...yeah right.
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