Thursday, August 31, 2006

All the things I didn't say.

I was talking with a guy friend today about women being "sexual gatekeepers" and who REALLY makes the decisions in relationships about when, where and how sex will take place. During this conversation he told me some opinions about how "normal" girls act, and since he's told me in the past that I'm "weird" I commented that I must be weird because a lot of what he was saying didn't make any sense to me or ring true in my life.

He told me that he thinks of me as weird in a "good way," unique and sort of eccentric. I thought about it on my way home and it occurred to me that he was giving me what he perceives of as a compliment and in the past I would have been disappointed that he hadn't said "you're exactly like every other girl I know only BETTER!" I am glad that it's getting easier to be me, which certainly is...uh...unique, and that at least on occasion there are people in my life who think that "me" is interesting.

I settled my first claim today, all by myself. It was kinda nervewracking, if I do say so myself.

In other news, there is no other news because it's the first day I've been home before 8pm in probably a week, and I'm already falling asleep - so I guess I'm going to vegetate in front of the tube for a while and then go to bed early. Aren't I exciting?
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