Saturday, August 12, 2006

Remember's better to play with a group than with yourself.

I went to a going-away party tonight for my friend. She's not actually leaving for a couple of weeks, but it makes me sad to think that this is the beginning of her leaving. Boo!

Anyway, I went by the grocery store because I didn't get dinner and it occurred to me that it's been SO LONG since I just sat home and had a glass of wine and relaxed a little bit. So, I bought a nice chilled bottle of Red Truck White, one of my favorite "everyday" white wines, and I'm sitting here watching Iron Chef America and eating pita chips and drinking the world's largest glass of white wine.

Today I de-cluttered my apartment a bit, it still needs ALOT of work, but I burned scented oil for the first time in probably six months. I hung up clothes that have been on the floor for six weeks, put my duvet cover back on my comforter, and threw away MUCH suspicious looking produce out of my fridge.

Real life is creeping back upon me in fits and starts. I like how it feels.

In other news, I've been thinking alot about the fragility of humans and the human condition. Isn't it amazing that we are able to live at all? Let alone form connections, communicate with each other, and think about our own situations with detachment and insight? God. It's so cool.
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