Saturday, August 12, 2006

Spring Summer End of Summer Cleaning

It is beautiful here today, I mean really gorgeous. I went for a nice long walk with my friend and her son today (he's so cute!), and now I'm home and I'm about to open up all my windows and start making a stab at de-law-school-and-bar-exam-ifying my apartment, which lately looks like an atomic bomb was detonated somewhere in my living room. There's fallout everywhere. I'm also starting to think about the fact that I want to move, and so I want to get my place cleaned up so I can start going through all my stuff and deciding what is and is not going with me to my theoretical new place.

I'm working on a couple of "real" posts...but no time to finish them! I have a going-away party to go to tonight (sad!). My friend got a great job but it's in another city and so we have to say goodbye to her. I'm glad she's going to be happy but I hate to see another person leave.

If I get a good picture reflecting the total awesomeness that is my hair, I'll figure out a way to post it. Maybe THL can draw me some kind of disguise cartoon face on MSPaint...she's pretty handy with it!
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