Sunday, August 20, 2006


I have GREAT NEWS! Ex-Roomie will be back on Friday after a lengthy post-bar trip to see her family. She told me on the phone tonight that if her boyfriend missed her half as much as I do, she'd be really happy. It'll be great to have the whole gang complete again!

I'm still working on letting myself off the hook for my perceived failures yesterday. Isn't it weird how you are so much harder on yourself than anyone else is? I'm sure my boss won't think I did anything TOO awful, but I really have a hard time not beating myself up. What's so funny is that I NEVER was a perfectionist about law school, and I never cared very much about how well I did...guess I'm just more of a "real-world" kinda girl. When it's a paying client and my job and reputation are at stake, it really means something to me that is very visceral. I love this job, I don't want to ever do anything that will screw it up.
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