Friday, April 30, 2004

Score: Man-0, Natural Selection-1

The worst part about this story is how many OTHER people have also died by climbing into wood chippers....

There could be a legal niche there for just the right lawyer.

"Your Honor, how could a grown man be expected to know not to crawl into a machine that effortlessly turns huge branches into miniscule wood chips? It is clear to me that the wood chipper manufacturer has a duty to put a safety device on these dangerous machines -- perhaps a door over the opening that wouldn't allow anything into the chipping mechanism....oh wait.....I guess that might not work. Do whatever you need to do here Your Honor, I have to be over in Courtroom 3 later for a guy who used his hairdryer in the shower....we're asking the hairdryer manufacturer to make all their hairdryers nonelectric so people can't get hurt...the handcranked hairdryer is the wave of the future!"
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