Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Peer Mentoring

I'm putting this back up....enjoy!

Today we met with our upper class peer mentors. These people are supposed to work with us throughout the year to help us navigate our traumatic 1L year with ease and precision (rather like a disposable razor - but the kind with three blades, not the cheap ones.) Anyhow, we've seen these people approximately three times this year and every single time the conversation goes something like this:

Suzie 1L: "What classes would you recommend that we take in our 2L year"
Helpful Peer Mentor #1: "Evidence, definitely take evidence"
HPM #2: "Do NOT take Evidence, you have to take it in Bar Review anyway, why pay twice?"
HPM #3: "Always remember to keep a balance in your life...try to do Law Review and Moot Court if possible"
Suzie 1L: "Well, if we do decide to take Evidence, which Professor is best?"
HPM #1: "Go with Prof. John Doe"
HPM #2: "Don't go with Prof. John Doe whatever you do...he's a maniac who eats students hearts for lunch and worse yet, uses the Socratic Method"
HPM #3: "Did I mention that I'm on Law Review?"
Suzie 1L: "How can I form meaningful bonds with my Professors in order to get them to help me with jobs and internship opportunities?"
HPM #1: "Make sure you wait for them after every class, email them all at least once a day (even the ones you don't have as teachers), and place handwritten notes describing your mentoring needs in places they'll find them....like under their office doors, in their pockets, taped to the bottle of Prozac in their medicine cabinet at home..."
HPM #2: "Whatever you do, make sure you don't bother them too much...I recommend the standoffish 'you need me more than I need you Mr. Professor Smarty Pants' method"
HPM #3: "Alright, we're out of time because I have to go write the Moot Court problem and then judge the entire competition by myself, but if anyone has any questions about being on the Law Review, which I am on by the way, please come see me in my office later today. You can tell it's my office because it's the only one that says Law Review AND Moot Court on the door. Thanks!!"
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