Wednesday, April 28, 2004

ConLaw for Dummies

I overheard the following exchange while reading ConLaw and waiting for my roommate (who, as it turned out, was in the place we had actually planned to meet...). Let me set the stage for you. Our Law School building, and hence the library, is directly across the street from Greek Row. This leads to a major influx of undergrads studying, milling, and just generally taking up the space that I'm paying four times more tuition to enjoy. So, at the table next to me are two undergrads, we'll call them Britney and Christina. Britney was reading Christina sample test questions (clearly pre-prepared) and Christina, god bless her Juicy-fied heart, was trying to answer. The subject: The Constitution of the United States of America.

Britney: What was the intent of the framers in writing the Constitution...what were they trying to achieve?
Christina: I don't know....something having to do with like, uniting the states or something, right?
Britney: What are the three branches of government laid out in the Constitution?
Christina: Uhhhhh...the President, courts and stuff...and...uhhhh....something with the environment? Like preserving animals and shit?
Britney: When laws are interpreted for constitutionality, do judges take into account the intent of the framers?
Christina: Oh hell no....I mean, the framers were just a bunch of old would be WAY too hard to take all of those dude's different opinions and like, make one thing out of them. I mean, duh!

I swear that this is the exact conversation I heard. They'll probably be 1L's next year. Sigh.
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