Monday, April 26, 2004

Croissant Paperweight Anyone?

I often think that if I didn't go to law school I would want to either be a pastry chef or learn to blow glass. Perhaps I could blow glass into the shape of pastries. Very many times this year I have thought of quitting. Someone in my small group dropped out during winter quarter and I have to say that I've often felt kind of...well...jealous. I don't think law school is "difficult" per se. It's often busy, overwhelming, awkward, and frustrating...but rarely is the material so difficult that I can't tackle it intellectually. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if I ever get a reader who is just surfing through trying to decide to go to law school...don't not go because you think it's too hard (because it's not)...but do not go if there is something else in life that you think you will love to do every day forever and you're not entirely sure this is what you want (because it's hard enough).

I hold out hope that like OTS is to the Air Force, law school is to being a lawyer. The process of "becoming" kind of sucks, but once you get to the "real" world you find a way to take pride in your job and enjoy what you do.

In other news, I unexpectedly LOVE Criminal Law. This is a surprise since this is basically what I dealt with in the Air Force as a Section Commander, and it never really did much for me. I think that of all the classes we've taken so far it is one I can really grasp onto in a practical way. This has much to do with the professor...but aside from Contracts (also a fabulous professor), this is the most enjoyable class this year.
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