Friday, April 30, 2004

Mean Girls

Today I went with a friend from school to see "Mean Girls," which I thought would be really good because Tina Fey wrote it and is in it. And it was funny in a lot of places...but, it was pretty close to the "teen movie" formula we all know and love despite what I'm sure were the best of intentions. Overall, I would give it a "B"...but, it's law school, so 70% of the movies I see get a "B". The funniest thing was when the Gym Coach/Health Teacher tells the health class that "you're all going to want to start taking your clothes off soon and touching each other. Don't do it. You'll get chlamydia. And DIE!"

In other news, if you are the fat guy in the blue shirt that ran into me today on the sidewalk (and almost knocked me all the way down) despite the fact that you made eye contact with me before you did it and so I know that you KNEW I was are a dick.
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