Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I don't really wanna talk about my flair, OK?

Since I am getting some visitors from JD2B I guess I need to do a little introductory bit about me and the blog (for the 3 people who actually read this on a regular basis and are my friends from school....get back to work on your briefs).

This blog is supposed to be a light-hearted and funny look at the law school experience in general and my life in particular. I TRY not to put anything on here that would unduly hurt anyone's feelings...but if it does than assume it's not about you and that I'm making fun of someone else, that should help. I already had to take down a post on Peer Mentoring because it was clear to me that someone was taking it personally, when in fact it was meant to be a parody of some of the prototypical law student "types" you will find at any given school. But I digress. (UPDATE: Peer Mentoring was Reposted on 4/27)

I spent four years in the Air Force as a personnel officer before deciding to come to Law School. There were three main reasons I chose this path. 1) I didn't want to take the GMAT because I thought it would have math, so I took the LSAT (which turned out to have logic problems which are just math with words); 2) I was ready to get out of the Air Force, not because I didn't love it (I did), but because I felt like I needed to find a career that I could really be happy in where I felt like I was making a difference; and 3) I had a poster of a kitten just barely hanging on to a tree branch that just wouldn't look right if it wasn't hung on a dorm room wall.

So, that's about it I guess. Enjoy. Don't Enjoy. Feel free to email me with comments or suggestions.


PS: For my friend who had 2 questions:

An energy spatula is my hypothetical weapon should I hypothetically become a hypothetical superhero. If I can find the website again where you generate your superhero powers I will post it.

The name came from my Property Professor, who is a fabulously brilliant man, and who told us that we should be DEFIANT about our grades and that when he was a new lawyer he worked for 7 years without winning a case and only worked for the favorable dicta. So there you go.
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