Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Prom...Now and Then

This article includes teenagers paying $2,400 for a rented stretch Hummer for prom night, $700 for a dress, $400 for his and hers massages the morning of....etc...

My prom went like this...I got a dress that was less than $100 on sale ($100 was my mom's absolute limit for a dress I would never wear again), the boyfriends of my best friend and I MADE us dinner because they were in a band (don't laugh) and had just spent all their money buying a new sampler....and for the coup de grace......wait for it......they rented a Nintendo complete with Super Mario Bros for our prom night after-the-dance entertainment. YEAH! Oh, and as backup they rented The Last Temptation of Christ in case the Nintendo wasn't depressing enough. I kid you not. Also, my date made my corsage (he was an artiste) consisting of an Incredible Hulk action figure with a hole drilled in its hand and a flower stuck through the hole...the whole piece of then attached to a velvet ribbon by HIS MOM and tied around my ever so delicate wrist (by him, not his mom). Pfft.

UPDATE: Law School Prom (actually Spring Gala or something like that....but, whatever) is in less than two promises an entire night of awkwardness and intoxication...not necessarily in that order. Hilarity will no doubt ensue.
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