Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This is an occasion for genuinely tiny knickers.

I looked at an apartment today.

Does anyone besides me think that $1100 a month for a one-bedroom should be devoid of holes in the floor?

In other news, the Boy Who I Like sent me a drunken text message last night with a quote from Bridget Jones. He has this amazing talent for remembering tons of quotes from every single movie he sees, I guess that has to do with speaking a bunch of languages...that part of his brain apparently works extra well.

Work is going OK. I am very, very, very busy and have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and upset, and I think that also had something to do with feeling kind of sick too. I'm feeling better physically and I noticed that today I was feeling more positive emotionally.

Still having trouble finding a schedule that works for me...sigh. I feel like I have all the stress of billable hours, combined with learning an entirely new industry besides what I've been doing for the last three years. Anyway, life is nuts, and I'm trying to figure it out piece by piece. I don't want to be professionally succesful at the cost of my physical and mental health, but it's just been slow-going in terms of figuring this shit out.

I am also spending some time phoning and emailing with the Boy Who Is Kinda Growing On Me, so I'm curious where that might go when/if he ever comes back from the neverending business trip, and I'm enjoying getting to know him without all the pressure of traditional dating. I had dinner with a friend tonight and she said that she was afraid I wasn't going to give him a chance because of my doubts about our compatibility/chemistry, but that she's happy to see I'm keeping an open mind. And I think I really am...I mean, if nothing else, all the communicating that we've been doing has really given me a lot of insight into who I am, and who I can be, and how another person who I have not immediately jumped into bed with might perceive me. It's just been really interesting for me.
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