Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm off to Portland.

Last night we had "Girl's Night Out" at the Shooting Range (Tuesday is "Ladies Night" really). Ex-Roomie brought her bf and he brought a friend from work, so it ended up being three women and two men, thus skewing the whole "girls" part of the "night out," but we had such an awesome time. I love taking people shooting. It makes me feel really good to see people who were scared or apprehensive about firearms get into shooting and walk out feeling confident about their ability to shoot safely and with some knowledge about the way firearms work. Everyone did wonderfully, and I was really impressed since they are all first-time shooters except Ex-Roomie, who I have taken out a couple of times during law school. I will be posting pictures of my targets if I ever get around to taking some.

I am going to work for a half day, then I'm off to Portland for a work seminar. I'm (happily) staying at a pretty swank hotel, and I definitely plan to enjoy myself while I'm there. I will be taking my laptop, but I have no idea what the wireless situation at the hotel will be. I have tentative plans to meet at least one blogger while I'm in town as well, but I can't remember if she tells on her blog where she lives, so I have to figure out if I can talk about that.

Right now I guess I better go pack. I got home so late from shooting, and then the Boy I Like called me, and then it was midnight and I was way too tired to pack. We had a long conversation about how weird (but good weird) it's been for him to be out of town all this time, and for us to get this chance to know each other outside the physical realm. I told him that to me it feels a bit like my notion of old-fashioned dating, where you see each other for a couple of hours on dates for quite a while before anything ever happens. I kind of like it because I really needed this time to get to know him and to figure out what was going on with myself, plus I'm so busy at work, I know we wouldn't be seeing each other this much if he was in town. Chatting on the phone and email allows talking to be squeezed in during drive times or other times when, if he was in town, we wouldn't drive out to meet somewhere.

Anyway, I'm off to Portland. Likely back to blogging on Saturday when I get home depending on the wireless situation out there.
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