Sunday, September 10, 2006

Overheard at my friend's wedding...

Yesterday I went to my good friend's wedding, which was very fun and laid-back. She invited one of our professors from law school who she is (apparently) very close to. After about five beer the following exchange occurred:

Law Professor: "So, when did you graduate?"

Me: "This year."

LP: "Oh really? I feel like I've never even seen you before!"

Me: "And yet you have."

LP: "Where?"

Me: "You interviewed me last year to be your research assistant. Someone else got the job."

LP: "Oh. Now I remember."


We ended up having a very nice conversation about nontraditional job and whatnot, but all I could think in my mind while the above was taking place was... "OH NO YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME ANYMORE!!"

I think I have some problems with authority. Maybe.

In other news, I am considering getting rid of all my furniture when I finally find a new place to live and buying all new stuff. Mostly because I'm lazy.
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