Thursday, September 28, 2006


The Boy I Like sent me flowers yesterday to cheer me up after my accident...yellow daisies and roses. With a card (partially) in Italian. Sweet!

The guy from the accident has had his family members calling my insurance company looking for money. My insurance is being awesome and not giving any money to anyone until they can determine who the car belongs to and whether this guy even had a license to be on the road. It may begin to suck if he starts to claim medical expenses, but so far he hasn't. He was driving a 1988 Toyota Corolla junker, so I don't think fixing the bumper is going to be too pricey.

Work is very busy. I'm working a pretty large property damage claim, which is exciting but also nerve-wracking. Tomorrow I'm sitting in on my first settlement conference, so I think that will be really interesting. Overall I'm pretty much overwhelmed, but I think that might actually be better than having time to think about it.

Aside from all of this, I am:

Drinking too much

Spending too much time on the phone.

Looking forward to Boy I Like coming back perhaps as early as next weekend.

Dreading bar results coming out perhaps as early as next weekend.

Buying expensive lingerie. Because I can.

Increasing my auto insurance coverage. Because I need to.

Feeling really great about having so many wonderful friends out here.

Loving my job.

Being grateful I'm not back at school right now.

Worrying too much about stuff I can't control.

Taking my vitamins.

Getting really excited for M's visit in mid-October.
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