Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Today on the way home I had a car accident. As you can tell by the utter lack of posting, I have been very busy. But, I was on my way to see an apartment, and was turning left and ran into a car that was coming down the other side of the street (i.e.: he had the right of way).

This only turned into a saga when the guy didn't speak English, his eyes were totally red and bloodshot, he was acting pretty inappropriately (laughing and stuff), and then when his friend got there he finally admitted he didn't have insurance. He wanted to leave before the police came (no surprise), so I gave him my insurance information - he wouldn't really give me any of his info. I ended up just writing down his license plate number and make of his car, and then I called 911 back, said we had "exchanged information," and came home. I know that I would likely have to pay no matter what, but it really pisses me off that this guy doesn't have insurance...it's just so irresponsible. Anyway, he told several people he wasn't hurt and didn't need an ambulance, and I pretty much set him right up with my insurance info, so I guess all is as well as it's going to get.

Anyway, other than all of that, life is moving right along. I am anxiously planning for M's visit out here in October. Many of you know she's been out of town since May, so this is a big deal. We are having two full days of beauty treatments, and I am really looking forward to it.

Bar results will likely be received by next Saturday (a week and a half)...nerves are setting in.

Everything is going good with the Boy I Like. He supposedly will find out tomorrow when/if he is EVER coming home...this is getting kind of ridiculous. He was really cute tonight about the accident, and was so upset he wasn't here to help. I did call him and have him ask the guy if he needed an ambulance or anything - helps to know someone bilingual sometimes. I hate to admit it, but I kind of miss him.
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