Sunday, September 17, 2006

Shopping and drinking and drinking and shopping.

This weekend I did exactly two things to excess...drink and shop. I bought four pairs of shoes at Nine West, including TWO knee high pairs of boots - chocolate brown suede and red leather (HELL YEAH!) (similar to the picture, except they have a little buckle thing on the side). I spent the vast majority of the weekend with Ex-Roomie and her bf, hanging out and drinking tons of beer and eating too much. It was really fun. Today I finally came home and did some housework and I'm going to watch a girl movie in a couple of hours. Highlights of the weekend:

1. Getting my nails done. By a midget.
2. Giving a gun safety class to my three girlfriends last night, since I'm taking them all shooting on Tuesday night.
3. Teaching Ex-Roomie to drive stick on her bf's new Acura.
4. Sitting next to two guys from Texas at one of our local bars and talking barbeque for nearly an hour.
5. Going to an open house for a really nice condo.
6. Staying away from work even though I really should have gone in this weekend.
7. Getting a drunk dial every single night from the Guy I Decided I Do Like and listening to him ramble incoherently, plus one text message consisting entirely of a quote from The Three Amigos.
8. Going to lunch at a local Indian restaurant and being asked if my friend (who is a girl) and I were on a first date. I mean, it's awkward, but wouldn't it be so much MORE awkward if we WERE on a first date?

Anyway, life has been crazy busy, but I am hoping that I am eventually going to get it under control. I guess we'll see! The Guy I Decided I Do Like is potentially coming back in about two weeks after being gone this last month. So, I think it will be nice to spend some time together and see if we can reproduce in person what we have over the phone and email...a sort of easygoing, comfortable banter. He is literally the funniest guy I have ever dated and definitely the smartest I think. The chemistry thing is...well, I mean, who knows? Right now all seems well, and I guess that's the most I can say until he comes back and we just see what's up.
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