Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm alive.

I have been so busy. In the last three days of this week, I billed well over 30 hours, which you know means I worked like 40 at least, plus on Thursday I had to attend a meeting down in Olympia, which is over an hour away, so that ate up a good portion of my day. Then last night I went straight from work to dinner with friends, today I am leaving soon for a wedding that is about an hour away, so I'll be gone until late tonight, and then tomorrow I have plans with a friend to go walking and possibly have lunch. I think I have been home a total of less than one hour each day that I wasn't asleep. But, it's been fun and work is going good, which means I'm making lots of money, and I'm getting to spend a lot of time with my friends, which is nice. I got a bonus check yesterday at work, which was surprisingly huge - but I have to say, it's nice to get paid when you work really hard.

I have to go get ready for this wedding, but I will try to think of some stuff to blog about by tomorrow afternoon/night, when I will hopefully have a few minute to actually sit down.
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