Friday, September 15, 2006

So, you're saying today is actually the worst day of your life?

Yesterday was very awful. Very, very awful. All day I got screamed at by claimants, who accused me of everything from purposely secreting their checks for a couple of days every month so they would be late and the person would get kicked out of their apartment (I don't even have time to eat lunch!!), to wanting someone to stay sick because it would somehow be "better" for me (yeah, it's totally better for me to continue to pay out tons of money indefinitely), to being accused of being a rich-bitch ("well, you were probably BORN rich, but I wasn't, and I need this money!").

To top it all off, I fell down the concrete stairs outside my building after work and, since I essentially tumbled all the way down, I have bruises EVERYWHERE!, and my hand is all cut up.

Then, after dinner last night, I started thinking that I was going to bring home a file last night, and maybe when I fell I dropped it, and it might be laying in the parking lot at my office. I obsessed about this all night to the point where at 2:30am I literally sat up in bed and was ready to drive to my office and see if the file was in the parking lot. I know that when I fell, I picked up my jacket and my purse and they were all in a big pile, so if the file was there I'm sure I would have seen it and picked it up, but I just worried all night.

I am so glad it's Friday. At least if it's as nuts today as it was yesterday I'll be wearing jeans. I'm going to happy hour after work with Ex-Roomie and her bf, so that's something to look forward to. Let's just hope that I at least don't break my neck today.
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