Monday, August 08, 2005


Today is the day when everything I touch just goes wrong.

When I went to go for a walk this morning my MP3 had mysteriously dumped its entire lineup, and I had to reformat it to put more songs on it and they're probably not even the ones I really want because I didn't have time to properly consider my options.

My computer is doing strange things and I'm scared it's not going to make it until school starts, let alone through another year.

The candy machine downstairs wouldn't take my money and I need a Milky Way bar REAL BAD.

I had to clean up my apartment and pack tonight, two things I really hate doing (plus I have WAY more stuff than I came here with so that's gonna be a problem).

Aside from all of this, it wasn't really a bad day...I'm super tired and practically ready for bed even though it's barely 7. Tomorrow I'm skipping work because I have to move all my stuff to LQ's, which might take awhile. I guess I'll go to work if I'm done before lunch, but we'll see. It involves an entire Metro trip and I'm just not sure I'm up to it.
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