Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm a GIRL. Damnit.

Well, the free wireless internet my friend hooks into in her apartment has been down the last two days, so this morning I hiked up to a coffee shop with wireless in order to check my email and post a little something before I head to Vegas.

In checking my email I got TWO emails from people trying to get me to mention them (or their businesses) on my site, both of which addressed me as Mr. Spatula and/or Sir. Why is this so irritating to me? Is it because if you read this site for more than one second it is very clear that I am a Ms.? I mean, I just wrote a NINE PART SERIES on my ex-HUSBAND! I talk pretty much constantly about my love of pink shiny things and cabana boys (OK, I'll admit both of those don't necessarily make me a girl, but the odds are with me I think). Anyway, I just thought I'd go ahead and say, once and for all, if anyone hasn't figured it out, I'm a GIRL! Jesus.

I leave in just about five hours to meet M. in Vegas. Needless to say I am SO excited. Not just because we're going to see those StripSearch guys either. But, I'll admit it, that's part of the excitement -- probably because I'm a GIRL!

Last night my friend that I'm staying with and I went downtown and had drinks and dinner with a couple of our other close law school friends, including the one whose wedding I am coming back from Vegas just in the nick of time for. It was great to see everyone, kind of weird because they're all in the middle of applying for clerkships and all the chaos that accompanies that while I, as usual, am not participating and am instead making elaborate toenail painting plans. We did have some good beer and some good conversation though. Sad to say that I've only been back a week and already I am missing the hot man presence in D.C. Not that I had one of my own, but at least there were's so bad out here...a dearth of men and the ones that are available are definitively NOT my style. It's gonna be a long year methinks.

Anyway, I have to get out of here and get packed and paint the aforementioned toenails so I can wear my new Steve Madden sandals with pride. I have absolutely NO idea what my internet situation will be in Vegas. I plan on checking in at least tomorrow and Monday as OCI results are supposed to come out -- so I'll at least be making M. take me to the library or something if there's no access in our room. I'm taking my camera so maybe I'll have some good pictures for you or something.

I hope everyone who has already started school is getting back into the swing of things and I'm thinking good luck thoughts for all the brand new 1L's.

PS: I have strange small bruises on my arms and legs that I cannot identify the origins of. I accused my friend and her boyfriend of drugging me and then forcing me to perform in bondage videos with them that I can't remember but they denied it. Where the hell do weird unidentifiable bruises come from?
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