Thursday, August 11, 2005

Checking in and checking out.

I haven't actually noticed that anyone seems to wonder or care where I've been, but because in my mind I think I'm very important and integral to all your lives, I'm going to fill you in anyway.

I have been busy working and moving in with LQ for the next week or so. As she said on her site, her A/C has been broken all week, so it's been a little...uh...warm. Supposed to get fixed tomorrow and I have to say it's not a minute too soon! But, aside from that glitch, all is well and I'm enjoying having some new temporary digs. Next week on Wednesday I'm moving into a friend's house to cat-sit for a few days until I leave...she has a pool and a gym and all that good stuff. It's not that I don't love LQ, it's just that...well...a POOL and a GYM! And it's walking distance to work which will be nice after these few days of an hour commute each way.

Work is good, but busy. Trying to finish up all my projects and stuff and they keep handing me new stuff that distracts me -- I feel bad because I think I'll be leaving quite a bit of stuff undone. But, I'll be back working for them in the Fall for an externship in TVPNM so I guess I can always finish it there.

My other project has become stalking this nice man with good taste in suits who eats breakfast in the cafe on my building's ground floor all the time. We've made Significant Eye Contact several times and this morning he said "Hi." I have one week left to at least get his name and maybe a drink out of him. It's a project. Girls need projects.

Anyway, I'm sweltering here in the computer room so I'm going to go back to the open part of the house and sit under the ceiling fan and pray for snow. I'll try to post again this weekend. Also, I'm still working on the mugs/t-shirts, and once I have more regular internet access (I feel bad taking up LQ's phone line, but they're installing DSL shortly), I will probably post a couple more pics and then open the store for "business", whatever that may end up being.
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