Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I live big butts...*

Alright guys, I know I’ve been promising an update FOREVER…but I haven’t had internet access at home, and I’m scared to post anything at work.

So, needless to say, I’ve been a little busy. I have been trying to finish up all my little half-finished projects at work…thankfully a couple of them they’re letting me take back to the TVPNM with me to work on while I intern out there, but I feel bad leaving so many things undone. Is that a common problem with interns/summer associates? It seems like they gave me lots of assignments and then loaded me up with all these other things to do and obligations that left me not as much time as I would have liked for my “real” work. But, the other stuff was WAY FUN so I can’t complain – I just wish I could talk about it, but, I can’t. Well, I could but I’d have to kill you. And since I don’t even know who the vast majority of “you” are, I guess that won’t work.

I am spending my last four days house-sitting for a friend who lives in a swanky apartment building right down the street from my work. I am moving in today after work and I’ll be there until Saturday when I leave. It’s been fun living with LQ, but I think her family will appreciate having some time sans houseguests – they’ve had either me or her Mother-in-Law with them constantly for the past several weeks, and I know it’s got to be irritating to have no family alone-time. Plus, the place I’m moving into has a pool and a gym and all that stuff, so I’ll spend my last four days getting back into my gym routine and trying to make up for all the crap I’ve been eating lately.

Tonight I am going to see The Aristocrats, and I’m also getting together with a friend from the TVPNU who is in town for a conference related to his summer job. So that’ll be fun. Tomorrow I’m having a “hello and goodbye” drink with AmbImb, who I also didn’t see last summer until a day or two before I left. Guess we’re just about the last-minute catching up. Still no plans for Friday night…I had hoped my hot date from the other night would call, but he’s apparently out of town and so it looks like that’s a no-go right now. Bummer. Oh well, there’s plenty more where he came from – one thing I love about D.C. is the whole “fish in the sea” thing…this is a target-rich environment if ever there was one. So, maybe I’ll go boy-watching or something. I heart boy-watching.

The damn mugs. AmbImb was kind enough to get me the updated graphic files and I am (hopefully) going to load them into CafePress today or tomorrow. I know this is taking forever and I apologize. Between the general busyness of my life, my lack of internet access, and the fact that I’m trying to squeeze in a lot of “real life” stuff into my last few days here, I just haven’t been on top of it. When I get back to the TVPNM on Saturday, I have a few days until I leave for Vegas where I basically have nothing to do but run errands, go see my new office and play on the internet. I would expect posting to go back up to normal levels at that time, and possibly for the CafePress thing to come to fruition at that time as well.

Anyway, suffice it to say, all is well…just busy and slightly frantic. I will say that I have been thinking about a lot of sort of “heavier” topics, mainly relating to dating and love and self-image and stuff like that, but I just haven’t really gotten to the point of articulating all that I’ve been thinking about. It’s been an interesting summer and I think in a lot of ways I’m still really feeling an extension of how I felt last year – like I’m changing internally in this really big way. When I was little I would complain to my mom that my joints hurt, or I had a headache, and she would say I had “growing pains.” And that’s how I’ve felt lately – like I’m having growing pains of an emotional variety. I have been going through periods of being really, really happy with my emotional, physical, and intellectual progress mixed with periods of feeling really down and frustrated and unhappy and lonely. Obviously that sentence describes “life” in general – but I think I’m just paying more attention these days to the highs and lows and trying to mentally catalogue them…perhaps I’ll write more about it soon if I can come up with something coherent.

Last but not least…I bought an Ipod Shuffle – it was my present to myself for being such a good little exerciser this summer. I love love love it. So much. YAY! Also, I bought pink glitter flip-flops at Target. DOUBLE-YAY! And (sorry, I didn’t mean to imply “last but not least” meant only one thing), I leave for Vegas a week from tomorrow. SO EXCITED! I can’t wait to see M.!

*The song title as it comes up on my old MP3 because I am dumb and typed it wrong. I never changed it because it makes me laugh. I don't just like big butts, I LIVE big butts.
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