Sunday, August 07, 2005

Movin' on up...

So, this is my last weekend in my fabulous (by which I mean "not fabulous at all") apartment...on Tuesday afternoon I have to be out, so I'm moving in with LQ and her family for my last two weeks here. I am so excited to see LQ, who has been busy with moving in and unpacking and so even though we're in the same city we still haven't seen each other, but I feel kind of guilty for setting up camp in their house while they're still trying to move in. However, I really had nowhere else to turn since I don't know anyone else in D.C. well enough to live with them, and one of the interns offered to let me move into her apartment for my last two weeks for a total cost of $300, which isn't actually that bad for around here, but why do it when I can stay somewhere else for free, right? Plus hopefully LQ and I will get to hang out and stuff, which will be cool since she was definitely my closest friend at school last year and now this year I'm going to be all on my own. Sad!

Anyway, the point on all of that is that I'm spending some time this morning trying to clean up my room, and clean out the common areas of the apartment my roommate didn't get to when she moved out yesterday. I tend to come from work, or from being out, and dump everything out of my pockets and/or purse and/or backpack right into a big pile on my desk. So I just spent about an hour going through all that stuff, making sure I'm not throwing away receipts with credit card numbers, etc. And let me tell you. I drink A LOT of beer. Holy shit, if I hadn't been drinking so much beer this summer I would have made like a million dollars!!! The chance of me drinking less beer is pretty slim, but still, it's something to think about...maybe I'll ponder it over a beer.

I don't want to go back to school. I love my job, I am really enjoying D.C. this summer as compared to last summer (good roommate and good job make all the difference, and I think the gym membership helped too...kept me sane), and I REALLY love feeling like an adult again. I don't want to go back and face the whole "find a job/pass the bar" feels so overwhelming and complicated to go through three years of law school and then have to do a whole bunch of other stuff to be able to work. I'm not organized or motivated enough to deal with all that. Sigh. Guess I'm gonna have to get there. Eventually.
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