Saturday, August 06, 2005

I'm alive.

I know I've been kind of slack about posting anything of substance since the whole Ex-Husband story got finished this week, but I won't lie, it burned me out a little bit. Each Part took probably three to four hours to write and rewrite, and I have close to 50 pages of material in the Word doc I was saving it in. And then there's the emotional toll of dragging all that shit to the surface again.

With work and everything else going on in my life (job hunt, etc), I just haven't had much time to blog, plus I haven't been doing much that would be interesting to talk about. Actually I've done some really cool stuff for work, but since I can't talk about that, I'm sort of stuck.

I did go on a date last night. I told him (sorta) about the blog and that I don't normally write about people without their permission (although he doesn't have the address...yet), so I can't even really go into any specifics about the whole thing.

Except I will say that I had a really great fun time with someone who I think is really a gentleman. I almost didn't know how to act around a man who was pulling my chair out, serving me first at the restaurant, buying my drinks, opening the car door and making sure I'm in and settled before he walks over to his side.... In the most general sense, without (I hope) violating this person's trust in me not to talk about him specifically, I have to tell was a great date and I felt really pampered and attractive and attended to. We talked a lot about relationships and dating and stuff at dinner, and I don't know, maybe some guys just "get it" and some don't.

Or, and this is probably more likely, I am so suspicious of almost all men that I choose ones (let's say subconsciously for the sake of my pride) that won't let me down, because they just aren't very good to begin with. I had to step out of my comfort zone a little to give this guy a chance, for a variety of reasons, and I think it was really good for me. If nothing else it restores my hope a little bit that there are people (men type people) out there who will put forth some effort (for ME! Weird!) and spend an entire evening telling me how fab I am -- not once did he say "Oh you're very 'straightforward'" or "Gosh, you have a LOT of opinions!" or even "I bet a lot of men think you're intimidating."

It was nice. That's what I'm saying.
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