Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weekend update

Daddy Spatula made it through his surgery, and seems to be in good spirits. When they went in, they found that his collarbone was actually broken in five places, but they decided to pin it anyway. Depending on how it heals, they might have to go back in a couple of months and put plates in.

Yesterday The Boy took my car all day and put on new brakes with the help of his brother. When he brought it back they had detailed the whole thing and washed it and all that stuff. So nice! I made him and my other friend dinner, and LQ's famous was quite a hit.

Today I am spending the day watching all my recorded shows and reading. I spent all day yesterday cleaning house while my car was out of commission, so I'm basically ready for M. to get here on Wednesday. I'm also doing all manners of beauty treatments while I'm home today. Technically I think my boss expected me to be at work at some point this weekend, but I just don't really feel like it. I didn't bill nearly enough last week, but I had a stressful week and I had other things on my mind...hopefully this week (until Wednesday at least) will be more productive.
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