Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Poor, poor Daddy Spatula

Poor Daddy Spatula, he is just not feeling well at all. His collarbone is broken in four places, and yesterday the orthopedist decided that he does need surgery after all. So, on Friday Daddy Spatula will get pins placed to sort of put all the pieces back together again. Poor guy.

In the meantime, the lawyer in me loves the story of how this happened. They were on their regular bike ride, and some people were standing on one side of the bike path shooting targets on the other side (why? who knows!). So, Daddy Spatula and the rest of the group went off the path in order to not have to ride in front of where these people were shooting, and that's when he tumbled off his bike and hurt himself. Wouldn't I just love to know if those people were allowed to be shooting there??? Oh yes I would.

Not much else going on. I enjoyed my day off work yesterday but it wasn't as relaxing as it could have been because I felt sort of disgusting after a weekend of far too much drinking. Now that I know I passed the bar, and the "Law School Chapter" of my life is blessedly over, it's time to cut back pretty significantly on the booze and get back to the gym on a regular basis. My last excuse for just eating and drinking everything in sight is gone, so it's back to the proverbial salt mines I guess. With the added benefit that I'll actually feel decent again hopefully.
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