Thursday, October 05, 2006

Look Ma, I'm blogging!

I talked to The Boy I Like tonight. He's really excited to be coming home tomorrow. Partially I think because he's excited to see me, but mostly because he left six weeks ago with one suitcase and a tale from his employer about how he'd be gone for a week...poor guy, I think he just wants to see the inside of his own house. And me (yay!).

Basically the only thing I can think of is bar results. Supposedly they will be mailed tomorrow, to be received on Saturday. Supposedly the results will be posted online no later than Monday afternoon/evening. Last year, apparently, there was a SNAFU with the mailing and people didn't get their results until Tuesday in the mail, but the list went up on the internet on Friday at midnight. So, basically, I think I should know by Saturday. I do not feel the least bit positive about it though, so I don't know...I just kind of feel marginally sick all the time. Ex-Roomie and I are going to dinner tomorrow night with our good friend who graduated last year. She's fantastic and always calms us down, so we're looking forward to that. Boy I Kinda Like's plane doesn't get in until the middle of the night, so I am not seeing him until Saturday night for our date. His brother is picking him up at the airport - which seems good...I don't think we're to the "pick up at the airport" point yet at all.

Let's see...what else is up? Work is going swimmingly. I still love it so much, and I think I'm doing a good job and that they like me - I certainly like them. My boss leaves Sunday for a two week vacation out of the country, so I expect to be very busy for the next couple of weeks. M. gets here on October 18th, which is exciting because I have to go to a law firm reception on October 19th, and she's going to go as my date. I am willing to be that no one at the reception will be as interesting as her, so I think it will be fun. We are doing tons of girly beauty things while she's in town, and I'm so excited...massages, facials, hair cuts, color, highlights, pedicures, waxing...the list goes on and on.

Anyway, gotta pay attention to the rest of Grey's Anatomy and then go to bed early because I'm exhausted. I fully expect a middle of the night drunk dial from Boy I Kinda Like since his coworkers took him out for a celebratory goodbye tequila-fest.
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