Tuesday, October 17, 2006

M. gets here tomorrow!!!!

YAY! I cannot wait to see M. in the morning. I pick her up at the airport in the morning, and then we have five days of fun, fun, fun planned. Massages, facials, hair appointments, and a girl's night out with all my friends at a fancy restaurant! Plus, The Boy is making us dinner on Friday at his place...I'm nervous for him, this is a big test that he *has* to pass. I think he'll be fine though. I like him quite a lot, and I think she will too.

I still have several stories that I want to tell on here...I just have to find some time. Maybe while M. is here and I have some time off work I'll get around to it. Right now The Boy is bringing me takeout, since I am trying to get the apartment ready for M. and doing laundry and stuff.

Updates on her visit will be forthcoming.
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