Friday, July 06, 2007

Who wants a moustache ride?

Here's one great thing about MS. When I got my first brain MRI I discovered something very important about myself. Namely, I might be a TAD claustrophobic. Although, I've gotta tell you, I defy anyone to get into a plastic coffin with the equivalent of a catcher's mask attached to your face and feel really great about it. Add in the disembodied voice in your ear telling you to PLEASE not move and the horrible sound of the giant magnet irradiating your brain cells, and it's really awesome.

BUT, the upside of this situation is that when I was told I needed a second MRI for my spinal cord, I knew just what to say.

Hand over the drugs, biatch! I mean, Dr. Biatch...

So, because of MS I got to have my very first drug experience. I admit it, I'm a big old goody two shoes. Between that and never having been sick before so not having access to prescription meds, I had never really had a truly great high before. new best friend Valium.

Before my spinal MRI I took a couple Valiums and The Boy carted me off to the hospital. By the time we got there I was in a full-on giggle fit. The radiology tech gave me the form to fill out before the MRI and I had a FINE time. It has a little drawing of the front and back of a person. You're supposed to circle where it hurts. I drew antennae, pointy ears, a smile, and a tail. Oh yeah...totally stoned.

Then, the best part happened. As I was getting situated on the little board they use to shove you into the coffin tube, The Boy leaned over to look in the machine. Since I wasn't *IN* the MRI machine, he thought it was off. Yeah. Not so much. The giant magnet is ON. Always. It literally sucked the glasses off his face. Right. Off. His. Face. I laughed so hard I almost died, the radiology tech had to go in the machine to retrieve his glasses, and he was, I think, happy to have provided me that level of comic relief.

So, anyway. If you have to get an MRI anytime soon I highly recommend the taking the Valium train to Happy Town. Really.

In other news...The Boy and I just went on vacation to Puerto Rico. Here's a pic of paradise. We stayed on Vieques Island. Sigh. It was...heavenly. PS: Please keep your crabs off the island. Geez.

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