Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sweet revenge

I promised myself I wouldn't talk about work on here, so I won't. Except to say there is no better feeling than knowing you FINALLY have the power to make a truly heinous person's life just slightly more miserable.

Other than that, life has been moving along in that way it does. Fast mostly, with moments of extreme fatigue. Saw the neurologist today...he seems to feel I'm tolerating my meds very well, and will have me back for a checkup and a liver function panel in October. I thought he was doing my first liver panel today so I haven't had a drink for several days...WASTE! Three more months? Think of all the whine opportunities I missed this week!

Anyway, we saw Harry Potter last night. I haven't read the books (for shame, I know!), so the movies are always a big surprise for me. It was good...but slower and darker than the others. I guess they're setting us up for the last two (or three...or whatever).

I'm off to surf the couch. We've recently become addicted to Last Comic Standing, so I have to get ready. And have a drink because, shit, I have THREE WHOLE MONTHS to study for my liver test!
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